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Harry D. Thorsen, Jr. Baden-Powell on Stamps of the World


Harry D. Thorsen, Jr.

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Scouts on Stamps of the World Initially written and published by Harry D. Thorsen as "Boy Scout Stamps of the World", this SOSSI publication has evolved through seven editions.  SOSOW

Levy Catalog Levy's Boy & Girl Scout Cachet Covers of the United States

Manson Catalog Version 3 Square Knots & Penguins

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Canadian Boy Scout & Girl Guide Philatelic Catalog by Tony Manson

Square Knots & Penguins by Terrence H. Dunn

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by Alan D. Bechard

TOPEX 1991 Rocky Mountain Stamp Show 2014

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Gordon Entwistle Scouting in Canada

Boy Scout and Girl Guide Stamps of the World

by Gordon Entwistle,
published by Cassell & Company Ltd. London, 1957.
Made available by Scouting in Canada, a private website.

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Articles in Additional Publications

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Whole Number 40

Boy Scout First Days, by Harry D. Thorsen, Jr., pages 8-9

Scouts on Stamps Checklist, by Harry D. Thorsen, Jr., pages 12-17

Autographed Scout First Day Covers, by Harry D. Thorsen, Jr., page 20

October 15, 1988
Vol. 33 No. 7 Whole Number 210

Canada Sc. 515 Unusual Scout FDC Cachet, by Wayne P. Gasper, pages 884,886

December 1, 1988, Vol. 33 No. 8 Whole No. 211

More On... Scout First Day Covers, by Wayne P. Gasper, pages 1070-1071

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Hindenburg Crash Cover Brings Record Price! by Fred Schmitt, cover story

Airship's Last Flight Recounted by Michael Root, cover & page 230

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