Cinderella Scout Labels

This section highlights labels issued to honor the Scouting Movement.  "Cinderellas" is the nickname given to the stepchildren of stamp collecting, all those stamps and things that no one can find in Scott's catalog, and that no one knows what to do with.

The British coined the word to describe "labels that are not issued by a federal government for the purpose of paying postage."  Many of these are privately printed or overprinted stamps by dealers, so they never had any postal value or use.  However, the images are often very colorful.  Details on Cinderella Scout Issues.

Collectors face the challenge of separating the legitimate postal issues from the illegal, exploitive and/or non-postal offerings.  SOSSI has attempted to categorize the various stamp issues according to the IFSCO's (International Federation of Scout and Guide Stamp Collecting Organizations) Classifications of Boy Scout & Girl Scout new postage stamps and postal stationery issues.  We use information from UPU's World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP) Numbering System - (WNS) and catalogues such as Scotts and Michel.  It is ultimately the responsibility of the collector to decide what to add to their collection.

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