SOSSI Distinguished Philatelists

The SOSSI Distinguished Philatelist Award, established in 2004, focuses on technical philatelic excellence and is based on philatelic achievement with Scouts on stamps in such areas (but not necessarily all areas) as exhibiting, judging, researching, expertizing and authoring.

No. Philatelist Awarded Notes  
1 Frederick P. Lawrence, PhD 2005 Author, exhibitor, international judge, expertizer, FRPSL Frederick P. Lawrence
2 Erhard "Ernie" Stermole 2007 Author, premier Australian Scout and Guide stamp philatelist Ernie Stermole
3 Hallvard Slettebø 2010 FIP Gold medal exhibitor, international judge, webmaster, FRPSL Hallvard Slettebo
4 Albrecht Zimmermann 2014 FIP Gold medal exhibitor, international judge Albrecht Zimmermann
5 Gottfried Steinmann 2015 Researcher, Father of IFSCO, international exhibitor, Scouter Gottfried Steinmann
6 Tony Manson 2017 Author, exhibitor, premier Canadian Scout and Guide philatelic researcher, SOSSI officer and Honorary Director Tony Manson
7 Lawrence E. Clay 2018 Author, exhibitor, Scout new issue researcher, Scouter, SOSSI officer and Honorary Director Lawrence E. Clay
8 Randall S. Frank 2019 Scout Philatelic Webmaster, SOSSI & IFSCO President, exhibitor, Scouter, FRPSL working