Royal '98
Philatelic Exhibition
Keith Larson

Maple Leaf Chapter Logo SOSSI Logo

Our chapter had a great time at the Royal '98 Show held 29-31 May at the Hamilton Convention Centre, Ontario, Canada.  Our chapter produced a special show cover, shown below.

Hamilton Scout/Guide Parade Cover

This event also honored the 60th Annual Hamilton Scout/Guide parade.  The newspapers estimated 9,000 Scouts and Guides were on parade, with additional bands and floats participating.  Many went to the local high school for a lunch and entertainment, but between 700-900 also came through the stamp show.  Our Chapter gave away most of the 1,000 special wooden nickels as a free handout to the Scouts.

Maple Leaf Chapter Wood Coin

Canada Bank Note Co. produced a special show card that honored both Royal '98 and the Parade.

Royal '98 Souvenir Card

Reg Morris did a super job in his presentation at our Chapter meeting.  T.P. McDermott was there from New York, plus a few other distant members.  All in all, it was an excellent 3 days.

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