St. George on Stamps: A Checklist
Keith Larson

St. George on Stamps: A Checklist is a listing by country and date of issue of all St. George on stamps issues.  Scout stamp collectors interested in finding out more about St. George, Scouting and stamp collecting should review our special SOSSI St. George section.

This catalogue is printed on white loose leaf paper for storage in a 5.5" x 8.5" size labeled green binder.  The checklist contains information on every St. George stamp ever issued and notes which of the issues actually have St. George depicted and which ones are only referred to.  Supplements are printed when there is new information.

The North American version employs the Scott Catalogue numbers.  Each entry is arranged by country of issue.  The checklist is constructed in the same format as the Scouts on Stamps, A Checklist and the Scouts on Stamps: Errors and Varieties

The author, Paul Toneman, is deceased.  Last edition published is dated 1996.