United States Girl Scout Seals
Harry Thorsen

There are many types of Girl Scout seals from the United States that can be collected for historical interest that advertised or promoted this movement.

Hinds Cream Seal

The Hinds Cream seal is printed using a four color process in the 1912-1915 era.  It also had advertising in black on the reverse.

Girl Scouts Today- Leaders of Tomorrow

25th Anniversary of Girl Scouting seal.  Slogan proclaims "Girl Scouts Today- Leaders of Tomorrow."

Brown ink on brown Paper

Girl Scout label printed in brown ink on brown paper from early 1920's.  Seen on official envelopes and letters of correspondence from the Girl Scout National Headquarters.

1939 New York World Fair

This seal asks guests to the 1939 New York World Fair to visit the Girls Scout Chalet.  Note the similarity to the design of the U.S. commemorative issue.  The Trylon and the round Perisphere were distinct landmarks of the Fair.

We Have Bought Girl Scout CookiesCookies They are Delicious

These are early Girl Scout Cookie Sale window label used to indicate the home had already bought cookies.  Issued for the first time in 1938 by the national organization, these seals appeared through 1942.  Their object was to assist the local council in promoting the event.  Since then these seals have been furnished by the bakeries supplying the cookies.  Up through 1942 there were five different seals; since then their design changed each year and are quite numerous.

Wave Recruiting AideVolunters For Victory

These labels were printed during World War II.  The round design might have been an insert for a pin-back badge.

American Girl Magazine

These perforated and gummed labels were used in promoting the American Girl magazine.

Altrusa Club

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