St. George on Stamps List
Bob Hammack

St. George on Stamps

This is a list of postal authorities that have issued pictorial stamps featuring St.George.  Stamps bearing the name "St. George" such as churches, cathedrals, or geographic locations, and those picturing the "Cross of St. George" as part of the British flag or shield are not included.  Those with (**) are also Scout stamp issues.

Several Scouts in Exile groups have also issued stamps and seals that featured St. George.


Cinderella Issues

Silver Jubilee

George V reigned from 1911-1936.  The final set of George V's reign was the Omnibus set issued by all the Crown Colonies to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of George V's reign.  Listed as "Type of Antigua," these stamps include the portrait of King George V framed by the decoration of the Order of Ss. Michael and George.  The "dragon-slayer" on the pendant immediately below the monarch's profile is St. George.  Forty-four Commonwealth countries or colonies used this format for 250 stamps.


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