19th World Jamboree Stamp Issues
World Jamboree '99

Scouts from all over the world gathered recently for the 19th World Jamboree hosted by the Association of Guides and Scouts of Chile.  It was held in the foothills of the Andes about 90 miles from the Chilean capital of Santiago from December 27, 1998 to January 6, 1999.  The theme of the 19th World Jamboree was "BUILDING PEACE TOGETHER".

Stamps issued by countries and postal authorities other than the host nation have become a tradition of World Jamborees since the IV WJ of 1933.  The following countries or agencies have all announced issues for the 19th World Jamboree.

Antigua & Barbuda 3 values and SS
Batum (Russia) Cinderella MS of 6 val and 6 deluxe SS
Bernera Island (Scotland) Cinderella 4 val & 2 SS
Chile 5 values and SS
Dominica 3 values and SS
Easdale Island (Scotland) Cinderella 4 values and SS Overprint
Eynhallow (Scotland) Cinderella MS WJ Overprint
Equatorial Guinea WJ Overprint SS
Gambia MS of 3 values and SS
Ghana MS of 3 values and SS
Grenada 3 values and SS
Grenada Grenadines 3 values and SS
Guinea MS of 3 values
Guyana MS of 3 values
Liberia MS of 3 values
Maldives 3 values
Montserrat WJ Overprint of 4 values
Nevis MS of 3 values
Niger 3 dif MS of 9 values and 2 different SS
Niger SS
Peru 2 values
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines SS
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines MS of 3 values
Somalia Sheet of 18 values
Somaliland WJ Overprint of 12 values
Sierra Leone MS of 3 values and SS
Sierra Leone MS of 3 values and SS
Tanzania MS of 3 values and SS
Uganda MS of 3 values and SS

Terms Used:
Cinderella - privately issued stamps not intended for postage
MS - Miniature Sheet or minisheet
Overprint - special print mark on postal issue
SS - souvenir sheet
Value - a single stamp of set price

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