Boy Scout Cachets of the United States

Front Coverby Sheldon S. Levy
Cover CardSecond National Jamboree, Delco Saluting Scout Postcard
CopyrightSecond National Jamboree, Delco Statue of Liberty Postcard
IntroductionAuthor's Introduction
How toHow to Collect Cacheted Scout Covers
Levy 1Erie Siple Reception
Levy 2Siple at Indianapolis
Levy 3Siple at Canton
Levy 4Siple at Pittsburgh
Levy 5Siple at Battle Creek
Levy 6Erie Byrd Welcome
Levy 7Siple at Bartlesville
Levy 8Siple at Kingston
Levy 9Siple Allentown Lecture
Levy 10Washington's Death
Levy 1123rd Anniversary
Levy 12aLincoln as Postmaster
Levy 12bLincoln as Postmaster with Facsimile Signature
Levy 12cLincoln as Postmaster, Carried over the Lincoln Trail
Levy 12dLincoln as Postmaster, Abe Lincoln Council
Levy 13Brooklyn Wali-Ga-Zhu
Levy 13AEdmonds Washington salutes 'Old Ironsides'
Levy 14aCentury of Progress
Levy 14bOffical Boy Scouts Day Cover
Levy 1524th Anniversary
Levy 16Old Ironsides Welcome
Levy 17St. Alphonsus Anniversary
Levy 18a25th Anniversary, Homer D. Hubbard
Levy 18b25th Anniversary, Oscar Hengstler
Levy 18c25th Anniversary, Scout Oath, American Cover Club
Levy 18d25th Anniversary, U.S.S. Relief
Levy 18e25th Anniversary, O. R. Watts
Levy 18f25th Anniversary, Lester Catlin
Levy 18g25th Anniversary, A Scout Is:
Levy 18h25th Anniversary, Troop 1, Schenectady
Levy 18i25th Anniversary, Alex Parsons
Levy 18j25th Anniversary, Stephen Platania
Levy 19Indianapolis Show
Levy 20Dogwood Festival
Levy 21Jamboree Forerunner
Levy 22Dan Beard Pilgrimage
Levy 23Middletown Camporee
Levy 24F.D.R. Radio Message
Levy 25aPostponed Jamboree, Capitol Building
Levy 25bPostponed Jamboree, Westmont Cover Club
Levy 25cPostponed Jamboree, Green Bar Bill
Levy 25dPostponed Jamboree, O. R. Watts
Levy 25ePostponed Jamboree, Grand Jamboree/Washington DC Aug. 21-30
Levy 25aPostponed Jamboree, Silver Jubilee Closing day of Jamboree, Stephen Platania
Levy 26City Hall Scout-O-Rama
Levy 26A27th Anniversary BSA
Levy 26BRotary Scout Troop 66 Honors Lincoln
Levy 27aFirst National Jamboree, National Jamboree Compass Emblem
Levy 27bFirst National Jamboree, Scout using Semaphore Flags
Levy 27cFirst National Jamboree, Official stationary, Campfire & Jamboree Emblem
Levy 27dFirst National Jamboree, Portrait of Lincoln, Map of Illinois & Lincoln Memorial
Levy 28Buffalo Scoutorama
Levy 29Golden Gate Exposition
Levy 30Pasadena Scout-O-Rama
Levy 32Lincoln Trail Cabin
Levy 31Minneapolis Exposition
Levy 33Lincoln Trail Hike
Levy 34Tucson Merit Badge Show
Levy 34ALos Angeles Area Council Scout-O-Rama
Levy 35Start of Youth Month
Levy 36Indian Centennial
Levy 37Minnesota Exposition
Levy 38Chicago Railroad Fair
Levy 39Manhattan Exposition
Levy 39AScouting Exposition
Levy 40San Francisco Exposition
Levy 41aSecond National Jamboree, Troop 24, Minneapolis
Levy 41bSecond National Jamboree, Official BSA
Levy 41cSecond National Jamboree, IOOR
Levy 41dSecond National Jamboree, Jamboree Stationary
Levy 41eSecond National Jamboree, Explorer Post 23, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Levy 41fSecond National Jamboree, Fulton
Levy 41gSecond National Jamboree, Artmaster
Levy 41hSecond National Jamboree, Fulton
Levy 41iSecond National Jamboree, Art Craft
Levy 41jSecond National Jamboree, Fleetwood
Levy 41kSecond National Jamboree, Cachet Craft - Ken Boll
Levy 41lSecond National Jamboree, Cachet Craft - Ken Boll
Levy 41mSecond National Jamboree, The Aristocrats
Levy 41nSecond National Jamboree, Grandy
Levy 41oSecond National Jamboree, Fortieth Anniversary
Levy 41pSecond National Jamboree, Fortieth Anniversary
Levy 41qSecond National Jamboree, Flag
Levy 41rSecond National Jamboree, Flag by R.D.
Levy 41sSecond National Jamboree, Troop 901, Chicago
Levy 41tSecond National Jamboree, Fluegel
Levy 41uSecond National Jamboree, H. Forman
Levy 41vSecond National Jamboree, Schacht
Levy 41wSecond National Jamboree, 40th Anniversary
Levy 41xSecond National Jamboree, Be Prepared
Levy 41ySecond National Jamboree, C. W. George
Levy 41zSecond National Jamboree, Spartan
Levy 41aaSecond National Jamboree, Official Program
Levy 41bbSecond National Jamboree, Kolor Kover
Levy 41ccSecond National Jamboree, C. Stephen Anderson
Levy 41ddSecond National Jamboree, Pent-Arts Scroll
Levy 41eeSecond National Jamboree, Pent-Arts Scout Uniform
Levy 41ffSecond National Jamboree, Pent-Arts Beard & West
Levy 41ggSecond National Jamboree, Pent-Arts Hiking
Levy 41hhSecond National Jamboree, Pent-Arts Life Saving
Levy 41iiSecond National Jamboree, Smart Craft - Staehle
Levy 41jjSecond National Jamboree, Smart Craft - Staehle
Levy 41kkSecond National Jamboree, Fidelity Color-Craft
Levy 41llSecond National Jamboree, Highest Honor Eagle Scout
Levy 41mmSecond National Jamboree, Valley Foreg (sic)
Levy 41nnSecond National Jamboree, US Eagle
Levy 41ooSecond National Jamboree, John A. Mirt
Levy 41ppSecond National Jamboree, Valley Forge Philatelic Society
Levy 41qqSecond National Jamboree, Jamboree Emblem on #10 envelope
Levy 41rrSecond National Jamboree, 1950 Jubilee
Levy 41ssSecond National Jamboree, Like 41pp, but with "Fortieth Anniversary" between
Levy 41ttSecond National Jamboree, Like 41pp, but only the poem
Levy 41uuSecond National Jamboree, "First Day Cover" Inside Eagle
Levy 41vvSecond National Jamboree, Like 41uu, but with "United States Commemorative" below instead of "Commemorative"
Levy 41wwSecond National Jamboree, Globe in green and overprinted with "First Day Cover" in brown
Levy 41xxSecond National Jamboree, Scout Badge in maroon and squared around by "Boy Scout Jamboree" and "Celebration" in blue and "Valley Forge, Pa." and "First Day of Issue"
Levy 41yySecond National Jamboree, Flap cachet - opens like a book and displays 3 different cachets - top cachet in brown and olive; inside cachets in brown - Von Ohlen - Pandit Press, New York City
Levy 41zzSecond National Jamboree, Eagle and Map of US with wording "Let's Beat 'Em 48 Different Ways
Levy 41aaaSecond National Jamboree, Flaming Torch with wording "Keep That Light Burning" - multicolored
Levy 41bbbSecond National Jamboree, Globe and Liberty Bell with wording "Let Freedom Ring for All the World
Levy 41cccSecond National Jamboree, Sailing Ship & Battleship with wording "Then and Now...Sailing for Victory
Levy 41dddSecond National Jamboree, Statue of Liberty & Eagle with wording "Liberty Above All - For All
Levy 41eeeSecond National Jamboree, Allegorical Figure of Liberty with wording "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness - Thomas Jefferson
Levy 42Allegheny Scout-O-Rama
Levy 43Valley Forge Fair
Levy 43AFourth Annual Scout-O-Rama, Monrovia, Arcadia, Duarte, Temple City
Levy 44Frisco Exposition
Levy 45Mail Goes Through
Levy 46March of Scouting
Levy 47Minneapolis Exposition
Levy 48Plymouth Anniversary
Levy 48AJohnny Appleseed Area Council Camporall
Levy 49aThird National Jamboree, Troop 24 Minneapolis
Levy 49bThird National Jamboree, C. George
Levy 49cThird National Jamboree, Jamboree Emblem
Levy 49dThird National Jamboree, Troop 3 Shelby, Ohio
Levy 49eThird National Jamboree, SOSS
Levy 49fThird National Jamboree, North Shore Council
Levy 49gThird National Jamboree, Greetings from the Third National Jamboree
Levy 49hThird National Jamboree, Land of Lakes Council
Levy 501st SOSS Convention
Levy 51Sagamore Hill
Levy 51ATribute to "Scout Participation", Richland County, Ohio Sesquicentennial Celebration
Levy 52Appleseed Monument
Levy 53Appleseed Scout Circus
Levy 54NYC Anniversary
Levy 55Buffalo Scout-O-Rama
Levy 56Frisco Exposition,
Levy 571st Scout-O-Rama
Levy 58Reading Scout Fair
Levy 58A44th Annual Meeting BSA
Levy 59Kansas Centennial
Levy 60Crescent Bay Exhibit
Levy 61Appleseed Camporal
Levy 62Lewis & Clark Expedition
Levy 63Air Explorer Scouts
Levy 64High School Dedication
Levy 65aOrder of the Arrow Meeting, Red Arrow
Levy 65bOrder of the Arrow Meeting, Indian
Levy 65APaul Bunyan Round-Up, Buffalo Area Council
Levy 66Appleseed Anniversary
Levy 67Sheepshead Tentoral
Levy 67ADay of Irreconcilability Russian Scouts in exile
Levy 68Topeka Centennial
Levy 69Trenton Exposition
Levy 70Charleston Merit Badge Show
Levy 71North Shore Circus
Levy 72Scout Sportsman Shows
Levy 73Queens Scouting Exposition
Levy 74Binghamton Exposition
Levy 752nd Scout-O-Rama
Levy 76Scout-Capades
Levy 771955 Spring Camporee
Levy 78Sheepshead Bay District Camporee
Levy 79Crescent Bay Show
Levy 80Unami Lodge Anniversary
Levy 81Greater N.Y. Camporee
Levy 82Appleseed Camporal
Levy 83Soo Locks Centennial
Levy 84Cumberland Bicentennial
Levy 85Sheepshead Tentoral
Levy 86Explorer Rendezvous
Levy 87Day of Irreconcilability
Levy 88Knights of Dunamis
Levy 89Washington Chapter Meeting
Levy 90New Brunswick Scout Show
Levy 91Scouting Adventureland
Levy 92Mansfield Merit Badge Show
Levy 93Eagle & Silver Awards
Levy 94Frisco Exposition
Levy 95Wildlife Conservation
Levy 96Philadelphia Scout-A-Rade
Levy 97Scouts on Stamps Society Chapter Meeting
Levy 98Scouting's Big Show, Cincinnati
Levy 99Reading Scout Fair
Levy 99AJohn Morton District Camporee
Levy 100Scouting's Big Show, Cleveland
Levy 10146th National Meeting
Levy 101AScout-O-Rama
Levy 102Lewis & Clark Anniversary
Levy 103OA Anniversary Conference
Levy 104Scouters' Barbecue
Levy 105Great North West Round-up Camp-O-Ree
Levy 106Day of Irreconcilability
Levy 107Boy Scouts Conserve-S.O.S. Unit
Levy 108SOSS George Washington Chapter, First Anniversary
Levy 109Citizens Now Conference
Levy 11025th Anniversary Camp Edge, Atlantic Area Council
Levy 111DeKalb District Camporee Opening day Cover
Levy 112Lone Tree Council Annual Scout-O-Rama
Levy 113Onondaga Council, Scouting's Adventureland
Levy 114Johnny Appleseed Area Scout-O-Rama
Levy 115Otetiana Council Scout-O-Rama, Troop 120
Levy 116SOSS Region One Chapter, Spring Meeting
Levy 117Troop 3, Shenandoah Area Council, 30th Annual Apple Blossom Festival
Levy 118Milwaukee County Council, Clan Gathering, Spring Camp-O-Ree
Levy 119Scout-Capades, Buffalo Area Council
Levy 120George Washington Council, Scout-O-Rama
Levy 121Troop 181, Scout-O-Rama
Levy 12245th Anniversary, Alhtaha Council
Levy 123Genesee Council, Citizenship in Action, Armed Forces Day
Levy 124Scouts on Parade, BSA, Cambridge Council
Levy 1251957 Jambo-Ral, Grand Valley Council
Levy 126Green River District Camporee
Levy 127OA Area 2-B Conference
Levy 12830th Anniversary of Ten Mile River Scout Camps
Levy 129Knights of Dunamis, National Eagle Scout Honor Society, 25th Grand Chapter Conclave
Levy 130FDC of #1094 (Flag) with Troop 63, BSA, Fort Payne, Alabama, Leaving for Jamboree Today
Levy 131aFourth National Jamboree, Gilwell - Better Scouting Through Wood-Badge Training
Levy 131bFourth National Jamboree, Gilwell - Honoring 38 Years of Wood-Badge Training
Levy 131cFourth National Jamboree, Pre-Jamboree Stationery, #10 envelope, Jamboree Seal, with words, "On to Valley Forge and the Jamboree
Levy 131dFourth National Jamboree, SOSSI Convention Seal
Levy 131eFourth National Jamboree, SOSSI Convention Seal and Baden-Powell Portrait
Levy 131fFourth National Jamboree, Region 1 Chapter SOSS Round Seal with New England States
Levy 131gFourth National Jamboree, George Washington Chapter 2, SOSS, Washington Kneeling
Levy 131hFourth National Jamboree, Troop 19, Corn Belt Council, "Land of Lincoln"
Levy 131iFourth National Jamboree, 47th Anniversary of Scouting, Troop 109, Vicksburg, Mississippi
Levy 131jFourth National Jamboree, Honoring BSA On Their 47th Anniversary - 4th Annual Jamboree, Troop 63
Levy 131kFourth National Jamboree, Choccolocco Council No.1
Levy 131lFourth National Jamboree, Philatelic Exhibit, "Pedro" from Boy's Life
Levy 131mFourth National Jamboree, Genesee Council, LeRoy, New York
Levy 131nFourth National Jamboree, Fourth National Jamboree, Valley Forge, Pa., July 12-18, 1957
Levy 131oFourth National Jamboree, Post 305 & Troop 305, Belleville, New Jersey
Levy 131pFourth National Jamboree, Jamboree Stationery envelope with Jamboree Seal
Levy 131qFourth National Jamboree, Cub, Boy Scout & Explorer in red with Washington Kneeling in backgroung in blue; Scout Badge in blue with blue & red ribbon at top
Levy 131rFourth National Jamboree, C. George, Cub, Boy Scout, Explorer and Washington
Levy 131sFourth National Jamboree, "Second Convention, SOSSI on Sunday July 14, 1957, at Fourth National Jamboree, BSA, Valley Forge, Pa." - large red handstamp
Levy 131tFourth National Jamboree, "Fifty Years of Scouting", First Class Scout Badge - inscribed around four sides of envelope: Baden-Powell Centenary 1957/National/Jamboree/Valley Forge Encampment
Levy 131uFourth National Jamboree, Liberty Bell Chapter SOSS
Levy 131vFourth National Jamboree, Map of Connecticut, Troop 7 Section 19, Charter Oak Council
Levy 131wFourth National Jamboree, Large 2¾" 1957 Jamboree Emblem in light blue and red with wording "Fourth National Jamboree, Valley Forge, Pa., July 12-18 57" in red
Levy 131xFourth National Jamboree, Charter Oak Council
Levy 131yFourth National Jamboree, C. G. Junior III Scout Head in red Wreath
Levy 131zFourth National Jamboree, "47 Years of Scouting in the US" on Artmaster 1950 cacheted envelope
Levy 132DeKalb District "Gold Rush Days of '49" Camp-O-Ree
Levy 133Robert Treat Council - Scout-O-Rama
Levy 134Lord Baden-Powell Anniversary 1857-1957, Polish Boy Scouts in Exile
Levy 135Home of the Braves, Baseball Capitol of the World
Levy 136Fall Camporee of Great North West District
Levy 137Darby 94 Scouting Fair 1957
Levy 138Region One Chapter SOSS 1957 Fall Meeting
Levy 13940th Anniversary - Day of Irreconcilability
Levy 140Wildlife Management FDC Whooping Cranes
Levy 141Liberty Bell Chapter 3 SOSS First Anniversary
Levy 142Christmas by Troop 63
Addenda 34-4National G.A.R. Encampment
Addenda 42-2All Out For Defense
Addenda 32-1Flag Day by Nelson White
Addenda 56-17bTopex '56
Sea Scout 39-61939 Fleet Cruise, Gloucester, MA
Sea Scout 39-7aNew York World's Fair Cruise, US Coast Guard Base New London
Sea Scout 39-8bNew York World's Fair Cruise, World's Fair & NYC
Sea Scout 39-9bNew York World's Fair Cruise, Fisher's Island
Sea Scout 39-11New York World's Fair Cruise, Sandwich Tercentenary
Sea Scout 39-12Annual Regatta On the Charles
Sea Scout 39-13'Twas Only the Cook
Sea Scout 39-14aNight Maneuvers (Map)
Sea Scout 39-15bNight Maneuvers in Boston Harbor
Sea Scout 40-2Scout Ball (2 Scouts)
Sea Scout 40-3Scout Ball (Dancing)
Sea Scout 40-4In Memoriam
Sea Scout 40-5Maritime Day with Sextant
Sea Scout 40-6Maritime Day on Pier
Sea Scout 40-7Annual Fleet Cruise (Plymouth)
Sea Scout 40-9Annual Fleet Cruise (Onyx)
Sea Scout 40-10Annual Regatta 1940 (On the River)
Sea Scout 40-11Annual Regatta 1940 (Boarding Boat)
Sea Scout 40-12Fleet Officers Ass'n
Sea Scout 40-131940 Long Cruise
Sea Scout 40-15Night Maneuvers (Searchlights)
Sea Scout 40-16Night Maneuvers (What in.?!!)
Sea Scout 41-1Maritime Day '41
Sea Scout 41-2Fleet Cruise
Sea Scout 41-3Long Cruises