Boy Scout Cachets of the United States

Levy Addenda D

Topex '56

June 15-17, 1956
Detroit, Michigan
Levy Addenda D
Levy Addenda-D-2   June 15, 1956   Blue with red lettering, #1000 (Cadillac Landing)
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Additional Covers
Levy Addenda-D-2 Levy Addenda-D-2

June 15, 1956, #1077 (Wild Turkey)

Levy Addenda-D-1 Levy Addenda-D-1

June 16, 1956, Red with blue lettering, #1000 (Cadillac Landing)

Levy Addenda-D-3 Levy Addenda-D-3

June 17, 1956, Green with brown lettering, #1000 (Cadillac Landing)

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