Boy Scout Cachets of the United States



This booklet may come as a surprise to some philatelists because of the amount of material available for collection in what, at first glance, appears to be a comparatively limited field.  The general collector has few occasions to come in contact with much of the topical specialists' so-called "bread and butter".  Those who are not Scouts on Stamps enthusiasts are probably familiar with little beyond the 1950 Boy Scout commemorative issue.  To them, this work should provide interest and revelation.

To Boy Scout topicalists, however, this booklet should prove to be a welcome and long awaited addition to their philatelic library and a helpful and desirable catalogue and guide.  Items from their own collections will be immediately recognized.  Pictures and descriptions of other items will enable the collector to continue his search with a real knowledge of what he is trying to find.

Some few advanced (or lucky) Scout collectors may discover sufficient gaps herein -- through comparison with their own collections -- to cause some disconcertion.  To them, I can only offer my profuse apologies; point out the difficulties involved in assembling the varied material; and hopefully suggest that they can be of great service in making a future edition much more complete by informing me of any omissions that they note.

A sincere effort has been made, with the help of some interested individuals -- who will be enumerated hereafter -- to gather in this volume all of the known Boy Scout cachets that were produced in the United States from the time of the inception of the Boy Scout movement in this country in 1910.  One-of-a-kind rarities have been omitted intentionally, since the listing of material that is completely unavailable and uncollectable would seem to have little purpose or value.

Intensive research has uncovered much interesting information concerning various of the cachets presented, but one category of data has defied investigation in many instances; namely, the number of cacheted covers of any particular kind that were issued.  Advice along this line, as to any item thus deficient, would be sincerely appreciated.

It should also be noted that no attempt has been made to place an unrealistic catalog value upon any of the covers.  Their demand has always exceeded their supply.  The prices vary from month to month, from dealer to dealer, and from collector to collector.  However, no listed cover would normally retail for less than $.25, and many would run into a few dollars or more.  Nevertheless, many 5¢ & 10¢ bargains have been found by intensive search through large cover lots.  This, perhaps, is one of the lures of collecting Scouts on Stamps cacheted covers.

All in all, this catalogue has been somewhat of a joint effort by various members of the Scouts on Stamps Society International, and acknowledgement and thanks must be given, for both their moral and material support, to the following persons, listed alphabetically: Willard H. Boyles, Shelby, Ohio; Alfred Cettie, Seattle, Wash.; Dr.  George L. Cohen, Washington, Ill.; Hobert H. Cushing, Plymouth, Mass.; Leroy Edwards, Trenton, N.J.; Rev.  E. Maclay Gearhart, Erie, Pa.; Alden P. Gleason, Freeport, N.Y.; Aaron Grossman, Bayonne, N.J.; Frank N. Harris, Elmhurst, Ill.; George V. Holland, Detroit, Mich.; Milton Klein, Atlanta, Ga.; Rendell Rhoades, Columbus, Ohio; H. Hansell Hitter, Philadelphia, Pa.; and Harry D. Thorsen, Jr., Winnetka, Ill.

The author fully recognizes the imperfections herein.  He is, however, satisfied that a long-needed beginning has now been made towards filling what has heretofore been a serious void in the Scout collector's store of knowledge.  He hopes that in this, at least, you will agree.

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