U. S. Stamp Collecting Merit Badge.


Topical Boy Scout and Girl Scout stamps, stationary and forerunners illustrate the requirements used for several decades until 1993 for the Boy Scouts of America's Stamp Collecting Merit Badge.  Forerunners are postal emissions issued under the authority of Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, prior to the beginning of the Scouting movement in England in 1907.  Some items shown are infrequently seen, were issued in small numbers or are unique.  The "Scout Classics" (Cape of Good Hope 1900, Czechoslovakia 1918 and Siam 1920) issues are represented several times in the exhibit.

Material is presented in the order of the numbered requirements as published in the merit badge.  Material from this exhibit can also illustrate the last two requirements of the merit badge.

  1.   Explain various types of stamp collections, including topical collections.
  2.   Mount and show in a commercial album or an album of your own making one of the following:
  • (a) A collection of 750 or more different stamps from at least 30 countries.
  • (b) A collection of 150 or more different stamps from a single country or a group of closely related countries.
  • (c) A collection of 75 or more different birds, trees, great men, music, aviation, Scouts on stamps (this exhibit) etc. (Stamps may be from any number of countries.)
  • (d) A collection of 200 or more different special items such as precanceled stamps, postage meters, revenue stamps, covers, postal stationery, etc.
Airship Hindenburg


Crash cover from the last flight of the Airship Hindenburg on the Westbound flight to North America, May 3 - 6, 1937.  Franked with the high value from the set issued by the host country for the V World Scout Jamboree (Netherlands) which began July 31, 1937.

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